The Surprising Justification For Keeping Your Bucket List

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I never intended to write a Bucket List.  The idea itself oozed morbidity and darkness.  Besides, the thought of accomplishing anything more than packing my lunch for tomorrow was all but overwhelming.

At 17, I was buried in a pile of college applications and SAT scores as I halfheartedly attempted to determine the path for the-rest-of-my-life (a phrase I was all too tired of hearing). As I walked out of high school overwhelmed by yet another essay on Holden Caulfield, I spotted the most glorious vehicle any teenage heart could desire. A jeep so red it stuck out amongst the sea of navy and silver Hondas. Never mind the rust stains covering the hood and how one tire was clearly leaking air. It. Was. So. Cool.  My ’93 Toyota was barely running as it was and the jeep was all I could think about. I flipped to…

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