Homeless Man With Dog In Starbucks Teaches Us That We Should All Be Kind To Those In Need

Article By: Paul Morris

When Eric Jason Pena walked into his local Starbucks he had no idea he was going to make a connection with a man that would last more than a lifetime. Pena admits that the smell wasn’t the greatest in the world, but he chose to sit down anyways. Inside of the Starbucks there sat a man w/his dog, unkempt & dirty the man still had managed to save up enough money to buy himself a coffee. The man was resting, using the free Wi-Fi while his dog slept peacefully beside him.

The homeless man with his beautiful dog!

Throughout his whole drink, children would attempt to pet the dog, only to be pulled away by their worried parents. People inside were complaining & rolling their eyes. Apparently, this man who had paid for his own coffee w/his own money, was disturbing them w/his very presence.

“Legacy.” What a beautiful name for a beautiful dog!

After a 60-mile walk this homeless man’s shoes were disintegrating, when Pena noticed the man’s feet he decided he had to act immediately. He offered the man some boots that he kept in storage nearby, & after a short drive he gave the man his boots along w/some clean white socks & even a nice warm meal. The homeless man thanked Pena before he left to continue his journey. Pena reports that, as the homeless man walked away, he heard him saying to his dog, “I told you God was going to take care of us.”

Here’s Legacy kissing Eric Jason Pena!
 Since then this story has gone viral for obvious reasons. W/over 500,000 likes on Facebook, Pena himself remains humble & gives all of the credit to God Himself. Pena was just doing what anyone should have done when he made this homeless man’s life, & his dogs’s, a little bit easier.

What would you do if you saw a homeless man in need sitting in your local Starbucks? Please make sure to read Pena’s whole Facebook note below! It’s beautiful. Read the whole note left by Eric Jason Pena:

View full article at: http://starbucks.littlethings.com/starbucks-homeless-christian/?utm_content=bufferf205b&utm_medium=FBContentILD&utm_source=ild&utm_campaign=ILDFBContent

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