Shark eats person alive while friends watch?

Commentary By: Albert Mascheroni

Shark eats person alive while friends watch? That’s just 1 beast. You’re not going to like the other beasts I have seen. I know this may enter 1 ear & out the other for some, but I assure you, that my words are trustworthy & my warning is true. My SOURCE is undeniably reliable.

I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number; and your high ways shall be desolate. – Leviticus 26:22

Before you go quarreling over the interpretation of ‘beasts,’ please read the comment section in the below link here – Trail cameras have spotted the 1st pack of gray wolves in California since the species was killed off in the state in the 1920’s

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Commentary In Response to Article By: Yahoo News Canada

A teacher who was spear fishing in the waters of Australia was eaten alive by a huge great white shark, an inquest has heard. Sam Kellett was devoured by the 16-foot man-eater off the Yorke Peninsula coastline as his friends watched on in horror.

Witnesses at the scene said that the ocean was colored red w/the 28-year-old’s blood near where he had just been swimming. His body was never found but police divers discovered Mr. Kellet’s spear gun & 2 lead weights. The gun had “discernible serrated incisions” consistent w/great white shark teeth impressions.

Witness Aaron Whitaker said in a statement: “I turned around & saw the tail of a shark come out of the water & it was thrashing around. I put my face under the water to see the shark but I could not see it. All of a sudden a shark came out the murky water vertically towards the surface just behind me & almost launched itself out of the water.”

Other eyewitnesses to the fatal attack also described the moment they saw the shark in the water.

Nicholas Carson said in an affidavit: “I was directly behind the shark so I saw the whole body jump out of the water. I think the shark was about 5 meters long & it was a dark grey color. It looked like a great white shark. It happened so fast.”

Wyatt Raymount added that he saw a shark in the exact position where he last saw Mr. Kellett, who was spear fishing w/pals at Goldsmith Beach after a fire warning forced them to move from Innes National Park.

Mr. Kellett, a teacher at Glenunga International High School, was described as a “wonderful young man” by the principal. His parents also paid tribute to their son, but refused to blame the shark that killed him.

They said in a statement: “He knew he was a visitor in their backyard & the last thing he would want is for this shark, or any other, to be hunted down & culled.”

The inquest continues.

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