Article By: Christina Salvo

CORONA, Calif. (KABC) — A mosquito species capable of carrying dengue fever & yellow fever has been spotted in Riverside County. The discovery comes at a time as the county battles a rise in the # of West Nile virus carrying mosquitoes.

The new species capable of carrying the 2 dangerous diseases is not native to the area. The species has a different physical appearance & bites during the daytime, typically 2 hours after sunrise & 2 hours before sundown. It has already been discovered in 12 other California counties.

“This mosquito is also known as the yellow fever mosquito. It’s very capable at transmitting dengue fever. And for us as close as we are to our friends in the south, Mexico, dengue is endemic in parts of Mexico,” said Michelle Brown, Riverside Vector ecologist.

Severe cases of dengue fever can be life threatening & has no cure. Yellow fever does have a vaccine.

Vector Control officials say they are not aware of any local cases of people developing dengue fever or yellow fever. They have sprayed area neighborhoods for West Nile mosquitoes. This has been met w/pushback from some residents concerned about the safety of those chemicals.

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