Decoding Your Dog’s Body Language in Any Situation

Article By: Andrew Gibson

Now that you understand some of the most common body language exhibited by dogs, use your knowledge wisely & avoid these 5 high-risk situations:

(1) Don’t approach or startle a sleeping dog. When a dog senses danger approaching, their protective instincts kick into action. When they are asleep, they may not know who is approaching &, if startled, may react in a way to protect themselves.

(2) Give dogs space w/food, treats & toys. Even the friendliest of dogs can exhibit aggression when approached around food, treats & toys. Feed them separately & keep a close eye on them during play.

(3) Don’t let strangers approach Guest dogs while on walks. While you may be comfortable w/strangers (especially children) approaching your own dog during walks, you can’t be sure how a Guest dog will react.

(4) Be careful when new people enter your home & interact w/Guest dogs. Pups may feel unsettled & anxious due to being in a new environment & may try to protect themselves even though there is no immediate threat. You should caution any visitors to ignore an anxious Guest dog, or secure that pup in another room if possible.

(5) Properly introduce new pups. You can read our article on proper introductions here:

View full article at:

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