Article By: Sumayah Aamir

A new study by a NASA JPL geophysicist has claimed that the probability is 99.9% that a 5.0 or greater earthquake will hit Los Angeles County in next 3 years. The prediction carries too much scientific weight behind it to be wrong.

The probability of a massive earthquake in LA County is almost a dead cert. It will be a 5.0 on the Richter scale & will strike some time in the next 2 & a half years or so. The loci are the same as the La Habra earthquake which occurred in the San Gabriel Valley a year ago. The potential for a fairly large earthquake in the geologically troubled region is next to certain on a scientific level. Very few have voiced their concern regarding such predictions.

The voices in the wilderness say that prediction is an uncertain science. Nothing could be said for sure about the future since too many factors enter into the equation. The future will always remain undecided that is until it does arrive in its full force. Earthquakes are capricious & whimsical things that Mother Nature took upon herself at the drop of a hat. Human beings could not speak of such matters w/such impunity.

The study “Potential for a large earthquake near Los Angeles inferred from the 2014 La Habra earthquake” was published on Oct. 1 & revised on Oct. 7 on the online Earth & Space Science website. It was authored by Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Andrea Donnellan along with a # of other earthquake scientists. The study will be released soon for public perusal.

The La Habra earthquake caused substantial damage to residential areas & commercial locations in the region of the San Gabriel Valley. But the earthquake that may occur along similar fault lines in the future will have a reading of 6.0 on the Richter scale. This will be devastating in its destructive effects were it to actually happen. Thus the debate about it is in earnest since if it can be said to occur w/surety than something must be done about it in advance. Damage caused by earthquakes varies between magnitude & intensity. The tools are not exact & it is based on indirect measuring methods.

NASA stands by its words. The future earthquake is bound to happen. It is not a matter of will it happen but when it happens. Thus to be prepared is of the essence. Those who question the validity of the esteemed agency’s predictions are like ostriches w/their heads in the sand.

And w/movies such as San Andreas which came out a while back, the writing on the wall is clear. LA & its surrounding areas have been epicenters of earthquakes since eons. The denizens of this region should have known by now that it is not a safe place to live since it is built along a major fault line.

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  1. Matthew Bova July 17, 2018 / 11:18 am

    I’m commenting on this in Summer of 2018 (no earthquake) Either we got 0.01% lucky, or this study had serious flaws.


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