Meteor reported above southeast Winnipeg

Article By: MyToba


Astronomers believe a meteor caused a bright green flash above southeast Winnipeg. It happened early Wednesday morning around 5:30am. The Planetarium’s Scott Young tells it was probably a smaller space rock.

“I didn’t see it, but based on reports it could’ve been caused by an object from the size of a quarter up to a basketball.”

They’re what cause so-called ‘shooting stars.’ Space is full of them.

Triangulating meteors
Young says the Manitoba Museum collects information about reported sightings. When the object is large & many reports are collected, astronomers can use the information to triangulate the position.

“We’ve only had 2 or 3 objects in the last 20 years where we’ve gone out to do a search.”

In those cases, they’re referred to as fireballs or bolides.

Good luck finding one
Young says the object is usually only visible when it’s still kilometres above the planet.

“It actually falls the last dozen or so kilometres w/out any visible trail. So the odds are, if you saw it in the sky, it didn’t land near you.”

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