sum up everything your message gives in a sentence what would it be?

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

10392212_498633456983006_5349734844937992596_nMy brothers don’t know I am posting this. But I thought it too good not too…

(Brice when asked about his “message”)
Asker: Naw I feel ya… If you could sum up everything your message gives in a sentence what would it be? For example what’s the problem & what action do we need to take?

Brice: Realize the time we are in & get right w/God before it’s too late. I see what I see & I have to translate it in a way the people will understand; so I give them facts like this unprecedented drought; this is all prophesied.12764644_498643226982029_7913717518837817365_o

If a car was going to hit someone in the middle of the street, what is the fastest most effective way that I know how to save that person? I yell ‘look out’ & hope they can save themselves. I would like to break it down & tell them about the unwavering, everlasting, unconditional, love GOD has for you, but by that time the car had already hit them.12742707_498633383649680_3026968343406008823_n

Dave’s response to me when I told him that people still think I’m crazy…

Dave: I am crazy in my own right, I have never denied it. I have always been the odd man out my whole life…

People, who believe in God, are marked as “a threat” both online & by all social media as their homes are raided for speaking up. Being jailed for doing what they think is right. Being killed & rounded up silently in the night to be silenced. Children, murdered for believing in Christ or simply saying “Jesus”. People fight over ridiculous “principalities” of “their feelings & their human rights, as they slaughter the 1s that do not agree w/them.

Preaching to the choir about how they are trusting in God, yet when things get hard they run to the local authority (police, fireman, public officials) & beg & plead for help from man & NOT Jesus. Like I said, I have seen it, I know of it & I know what’s coming, not to mention all the things above are already happening & only a small handful sees it.12729099_498633926982959_3781392910116668467_n

12743982_498633430316342_1508226193002627958_nThe worst part is all we can do is watch it happen. I do have a feeling that my day is coming to step up to the plate. Things are happening faster & more frequently & by March/April so much more will happen all at once; people will not know what direction to go & they will follow the 1st person or agency that offers solace. If they are willing to fight over a $5 toaster on black Friday, I can only imagine what they will do, when food & water & supplies are no longer readily available.10254045_498633373649681_1386097274791843643_n

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