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Post By: Brice Paxson

13177323_1766267753610580_5341838839684761559_nLast night I was speaking with a close friend about Al ( & she was concerned for me in the sense that I believe he is 1 of the end time witnesses. Which is a very bold statement to make on my part.

As I went to bed I had yet again another dream w/Al in it. The setting took place in my home, I was looking out the window when all of a sudden I see flashing blue lights in the sky & what came out of these lights I was not ready for. I laid eyes upon the biggest planes I had ever seen. They looked like aircraft carriers at 1st. I said ‘WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON,’ utterly perplexed. Then action kicked in & I grabbed my phone to call AL, but I couldn’t bc my phone locked me out. I was not the only 1; I looked outside & all phones were down it was as if an EMP swept through the whole city.13177431_1766267793610576_5243068200850345808_n

People were running around frantically seeing the gigantic aircraft in the sky not making sense of anything. Just when I thought this couldn’t get worse, Police came out of nowhere but they were not your average police, they were all armed & militarized. Immediately I thought ‘find Al;’ so I put on regular clothes to blend in w/the crowd & went on my way to locate Al.13240588_1766267813610574_3913021482854709910_n

As soon as I was on the street engulfed in people I hear: ‘Brice, time to go’ & see it’s AL, he found me. On our way from departing all the chaos we were corralled into 2 lines by the armed forces. 1 line was for people who were not a threat & the other was whoever was deemed a threat. 1 by 1 each person was placed in a line. When Al’s turn was up, they chose the threat line for him which right off the bat I knew was not gonna happen. So in an instant we fled but did not get very far. We became completely encompassed. Out of fear, I grabbed him tightly & in doing so, felt power rush into my body. I used this power to set off an explosion eliminating the threat at hand; but the power Al possessed was too strong & the blast radius not only destroyed the bad guys but was gonna harm the ordinary people. I remember clenching my fist & together we contained the blast so no innocent people were harmed.

After we were no longer trapped he looked at me angrily & said ‘I had everything under control, you didn’t have to do that lets go.’ We ran inside their base frantically looking for a means of escape when all the military personal saw us they all chased Al & I. Suddenly this lady who was working for the organization sees we are in desperate need of assistance & ends up distracting all of our attackers for a 2nd making it possible to slip away. We then find ourselves in a Coed restroom where upon entry we notice there are children dressed in military outfits walking around like complete robots. After this sickening realization we need to hide so I point to the ceiling. Al agrees. He removes the tile & jumps up but did not make it up. I give my attempt & well over clear the ceiling but when I gripped the tile I slipped. In a panic I tried again & was able to pull myself into concealment. Then the bathroom door slams open & in come agents, but for some reason they cannot see me & miraculously, Al disappeared into thin air.

I woke up from my dream after that. I learned a couple things from the dream: 1 of which is when everything goes to crap as in no food, no water prophecy, fulfillment the government is going to step in & assume control over everything (NEW WORLD ORDER) making it seem like they have come to the rescue.13177535_1766267930277229_1356692943791063747_nI know the truth; though they are not friendly, if you don’t comply you will be tortured, captured, thrown in jail & in some cases die for your beliefs (Mathew 24:9; Revelation 2-10). In my dream God was revealing to me ‘Brice, if you keep my name then you will be put in the threat line; people will call you extremists.’ Which by the way, extremism is synonymous w/terrorism. If you do not renounce your faith, which I pray whoever reads this never departs, you will be tagged as terrorists.

Throughout my dream I was constantly surrounded by the enemy. This tells me I will be in the middle of the crap w/Al. He has been in my dreams more than once & since we’re on the subject, I did not have any dreams in regards to the end time till the day I met him last year in April. That alone should give you some insight, in my dream we were fenced in & out of fear, I grabbed him & felt unimaginable power (Mark 5:25-34). In a brief summary this women who had been suffering touched the robe of Jesus & in doing so drained him of his power. When Jesus found the 1 who touched him, he said you have been healed by your faith. My dream was very similar. I was able to get power from Al bc of my faith that he is an end time WITNESS.

After that we ran into the belly of the beast trying to find a means to freedom. Being hunted down by agents a women helps by diverting the attention towards us. Then the bathroom scene, this 1 disgusted since me little children were dressed in military uniforms, which tells me even children will be used in the days of persecution (Mathew 10:21). This next part took me a little while to comprehend, when Al tried to jump up into the ceiling but he couldn’t bc I drained him of his power just as that lady drained Jesus of his power in the bible.13239031_1766267906943898_7042799509622224658_n

Al is no joke & neither is this world going to end! For those of you who live their life for Christ, prepare yourself bc this is going to be 1 bumpy ride.

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