Thunder Energies Corporation Announces Apparent Detection of Anomalous Entities in Tallahassee, Florida

Commentary By: Albert Mascheroni

Remember & BE WARNED…that these ‘aliens’ will make their debut soon. BUT THEY ARE NOT ALIENS FROM A DISTANT GALAXY! They are the Sons of God, their offspring & demonic entities masquerading as aliens of light.

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Commentary In Response to Article By: Thunder Energies Corp

TARPON SPRINGS, FL – Thunder Energies Corp (TNRG) has recently detected invisible entities in our terrestrial environment w/the revolutionary Santilli telescope w/concave lenses (Trade Mark and patent pending by Thunder Energies). Thunder Energies Corporation has previously presented confirmations of the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids & antimatter cosmic rays detected in preceding tests. In this breaking news, Thunder Energies presents evidence for the existence of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) of the dark & bright type (

Pamela Fleming states:

“The detection occurred at 8:45 pm, using a pair of 70 mm Galileo & Santilli telescopes from the 4th floor of the Marriott Hotel, facing the Tax Collector building in Tallahassee, Florida. No anomalous entities were detected w/the Galileo Telescope w/conventional convex lenses, whereas the anomalous entities were fully visible in the screen of the digital camera attached to the Santilli telescope w/concave lenses. I believe that these anomalous entities are a good candidate for Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the 2nd kind bc they emitted isodual light, which can only be focused w/the Santilli Telescope w/concave lens.” (

Pamela Fleming adds:

“The entities disappeared from view in the Santilli Telescope 2 hours after the initial detection w/out any change in the public city lighting that was surrounding the Tax Collector building. Thunder Energies Corporation believes that this detection confirms the usefulness of the new surveillance of civilian, industrial & governmental facilities permitted by our pair of Galileo & Santilli Telescopes, since they can record all possible anomalies not visible w/conventional binoculars or telescopes.” (

About Thunder Energies Corp:
Thunder Energies Corporation is a breakthrough technology company featuring 3 cutting edge technologies in the fields of optics, nuclear physics & fuel combustion. Thunder Energies is led by Dr. Ruggero Santilli, CEO & Chief Science Officer. Dr. Santilli is a former faculty at MIT, Harvard & other leading institutions around the world.

Contact Information:
Pamela Fleming
Media Manager
Thunder Energies Corporation

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