To protect, to search & to rescue.

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

God also gave to me another dream last night. In this 1, I was shown that there is an elite group of us who were anointed & expected to protect this house. Men & women alike. To protect, to search & to rescue.

Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed – 2 Corinthians 4:9

Read comments for the rest of this dream:13413582_545355178977500_1364900401133504371_nAlbert Mascheroni: There is more to this dream…I saw a child wake up from sleep & say to 1 of the elite that he had a dream & in his dream, he heard God say ‘repentance.’ Our elite told me this, & so I asked this kid who in turn confirmed it. His mother picked him up from our haven & we tried to tell her about her son. But she seemed to be suppressing him & judging from the child’s look, he was afraid to tell his mother what he had dreamt.

While outside I saw a snake (a small garden snake), disguised as a bird, draining the blood out of a pigeon that was upside down caught in a trap. I was going to stop it but then I heard a fight break out. 2 tall, slender, colored men (I can see their rib cages) were trying to stab each other as they scuffled on the ground. Some elite called for my help. I jumped on the 1 who had a screw driver. I disarmed him & all he had left was the handle, that I took also. I should add that these 2 men looked like they were on drugs or worse, possessed by demons. Their eyes were blackened.

I looked back & the mother had taken her child & left. Once the fight situation was under control, I saw a wounded child on a gurney. The elite called for me to help w/him too, but I looked at the child & said he’ll live. His left elbow was bandaged & I saw blood on it. He was in & out of consciousness. But it didn’t seem like pain, was as though he was having a nightmare. When I saw his left hand move, I felt that he’d make it.

Then I glance back at the snake disguised as a bird draining the pigeon’s blood. By then I had forgotten about this. Now the pigeon was nothing but skin & bones. The snake wrapped itself around its neck then snapped it before I cuold intervene.

There are too many specifics. Why the pigeon? Thoughts?

Also, 2 days before this, I saw people strapped to machines that they were led to & coerced by there their own families. When strapped into this machine with a helmet, the original man was gone. I saw a different person in his place, after they ran the machine. So I thought that this machine changed faces &/or appearances. But then I saw the person scared. And it wasn’t that his face had changed, it was that his spirit was in another man’s body. His household (mother & sister) welcomed this, I can see it in their faces. But the person (now victim) did not & when unstrapped, he ran away in shock. His family threatened him & warned him against sharing it. So in addition to shock, I saw his fear.

Jeff Falcon: The boy wakes from sleep (blindness) with a message from God as a babe in Christ. He says “repentance.” Not repent. Repent is a command; repentance is a subject. The pigeon is known for being extremely common – think common people. Being drained, slowly killed, by 1 who walks & looks like they do. The enemy here doesn’t seem obviously dangerous. A form of a snake as its not Godly, yet it doesn’t appear venomous. Even to the trained eye who sees beyond the disguise. This common people & that boy who woke out of sleep needed help but the elite were distracted by guises from Satan. Spiritually starved men manipulated by evil drug the elite into quarrels which could ultimately be disarmed by soldiers of truth. But Satan always knew this was the case. His targets were far more subtle 1s. The subject remains repentance.

Albert Mascheroni: So this is a warning. I wouldn’t have gotten it if I did not share it w/you but bc I did, I recognize the warning. So when I see the small garden snake (harmless enough, but not at all) disguised as a bird (ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing – Matthew 7:15) w/its teeth sunk in sucking the blood out (falsehood)…don’t get distracted. Deal w/it then bc it was I who noticed it. Trust that the elite will do their part. Thank you.

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