Venezuela Is Under Martial Law, With No Food, Water or Power

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89732165_b26a285c-f57b-413a-b200-b5c797e0b5ae.jpgWhy? Simply bc of the Russian oil deal. The USA is punishing Venezuela about it like all other countries like Ukraine, Syria, Macedonia & other Balkan countries.

This is what you will get soon on your streets Americans if you don’t wake up.

Venezuela is in complete crisis as the country’s socialistic government fails to provide basic goods (like food, water & power) to it’s citizens.

Almost 2 million citizens signed petitions to boot President Nicolas Maduro from power, but their wishes have not been taken seriously. W/out resolve, the residents have taken to rioting, causing the government to declare a state of emergency & martial law.

The people are now w/out food, water, power & are under their military’s complete control. Pray for the people of Venezuela.


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