Last night’s dreams & Huge Passenger Planes

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

Last night’s dreams – I saw uniformed people wand others or zap people’s minds. Like this wand or zapper dumbed them down to the point where they knew nothing & saw nothing. They used it on me, but I was immune, though I pretended it worked & played dumb. This is how I persuaded them to reveal things to me. Like “duh” drooling out of the side of your mouth dumb.13737490_556313154548369_5672186289656692095_o.jpgThey kept their eye on me. They gave me a simple math problem to solve to which I intentionally got wrong, so that they didn’t catch on. This technology they had only made it possible to do basic motor functions like walk & talk but form no thought & ask no questions. They sent more men to spy on me, but I played it off well. The other people that they didn’t zap, they kept distracted w/sports.

Then I started to investigate. I saw huge planes & I heard that they can accommodate 3,000 people. I walked in & saw rich people sitting down comfortably. The whole interior of the plane was 1st class. I saw a lot of empty seats. I infiltrated as an officer maintaining the peace. I saw some of these jumbo passenger planes already in diagonal flight. I also saw huge aircrafts carrying cement roller trucks also in diagonal flight & other aircrafts carrying other types of building assist vehicles.

I spoke to a man & inquired him as a pal, I said ‘what a treat, when was the last time you went up?’ He said ‘man those days were the old Garfield black & white days.’ I tried fooling another man who was less wordy.

I went back out to stall the flight of a single plane. I managed to get 1 of these planes to remain; my intention was just that, to stall. Brave godly women helped me. The scene reminded me of the movie 2012. Except the rich & the high class weren’t getting on a ship/arc, they were getting on jumbo planes going up. The planes color was a dark shade of blue. It didn’t feel like they were going to another part of the world, but rather just up. I saw a good man on a field waiting to help. W/him he had a raccoon. The raccoon was also good, but turned vicious if anyone tried to harm this man.

I woke up & dreamt again.

I had a token. The token was stolen from me & as a result left me broken. You followed the man who had stolen my token, whom you perceived as an “Iron Man.” I retrieved my token & w/it my power. When you saw that I had this token, you paid me obeisance & you trusted & followed my every lead. I supported you & gave you an increase of whatever this man gave to you when he used my token.

I was the boss & I had power. But I saw my father (looked nothing like my earthly dad who passed on, but in my dream he was my father) & as my father, he was still the boss. He & others like him, took me to heal a hemorrhoid I had. They healed me. He gave me a hospital gown & though I thought it would be a painful recovery, I was immediately well & walked fine.

Then I’m back. And you still paid me obeisance. I was going to increase what I had already given you (I had favorites) but then I thought that I should not bc I do not want my Dad thinking that I gave you too much more than the others. You saw that I had my favorites &you were jealous for me, but I explained to you that they & I have had full disclosure before you. Before you knew & before I was your boss they & I were together.

I woke up. (“Full disclosure” – I’ve never used these words except for in this dream)

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