I have a bad feeling this week.

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

I have a bad feeling this week.

I dreamt of church on Thursday in West Covina. I saw cars fill this church, leaving no parking available. Inside, I saw a fair looking girl teaching kids at the entrance to the left. On my way to the main hall, this woman w/child was behind me, rushing me. Inside the main hall I saw a Pastor coercing someone to role play & I felt that they took nothing serious. Outside I saw tall burning buildings. Banks are usually the tallest buildings.13872872_562824747230543_3863275369390152938_nAll last week I dreamt of the Illuminati. I saw red everywhere. And Illuminati everywhere. I saw newspapers w/headlines indicating that they (the Illuminiati) had taken over. I saw famine & I saw chaos.13920668_562803033899381_5488783423165257146_n.jpgI saw things materialize from w/in my dream into our reality.

And after my bad feeling this morning I heard Katy Perry officially releases new album “Rise.” After I saw this, I noticed a friend request for “Marelize” as in materialize.

There is more. But in the meantime, stand fast & note 1 Corinthians 16:13.

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