New York City & The Triumphal Arch

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

And close to the finality (Sept. 23) of these false prophets convention (harlot – false religion) on Sept. 19 you will see them herald a new & improved archway commemorating the Devil’s triumphant entry into this world in the flesh as the ANTICHRIST.

Briefly, the false prophet sanctions the mark of the beast (according to how Satan works, it won’t be called the mark but something in respect to a “verifiable self”). Antichrist gets a mortal wound & ostensibly comes back to life then the people are in awe of this & pay him homage; the Antichrist then kills off the religions after proclaiming him-self to be god.

But before all this, a major catastrophe will occur & elicit fear, superficially uniting the nation’s people immediately after. Upon all this, the wolves (false religions) come knocking – you listen well to ME & NOT them; you rebuke these ravenous wolves in the Lord’s name & send them packing. Do NOT let them near you! While some see this COEXIST as harmoniously uniting love in our midst, I see it as a midst full of impure spirits & demons waiting to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting of us who are not seasoned w/scripture.

Your own pastors are unable to see past their own hand w/an arm extended, those whom you’ve trusted. The heathen have a better chance at converting bc their cups aren’t filled to the brim w/these jargon filled sermons that barely, if at all, touch on REPENTANCE. What rude awakening this will be. I pray, seriously prayed for our deliverance though you’ve casted stones at me. Ironically, I care more for you than I do for me but none listen.

“The Triumphal Arch, a symbol of resilience in the face of loss, will be a fitting tribute to America’s great metropolis. The arch will stand in Manhattan, surrounded by buildings adorned w/classical features suggesting the common cultural roots of East & West. We hope that you will visit us this fall to consider the relationship between people & the places they inhabit.”

This arch honoring Baal (false god – the Devil) code named Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch will be reconstructed on September 19th in NYC [].

Those who haven’t listened to me be it at your own peril, but I warned you & I am clean of your blood. Not much longer now.

Perverted Global Religious Unification Convention –

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