Eruption of Mount Bulusan

Commentary By: Albert Mascheroni

Mount Bulusan erupts 4 days after a great Typhoon displaced 200K+ people & days after across the sea a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Chile [see Matthew 24]. All the while the U.N. is treading Israel under foot concerning ‘settlements’ & peace treaty [see Revelation 11 & Psalm 83].

I keep getting emails regarding my ‘doomsday’ posts. I keep hearing that Christ is love & would look down at me w/disdain bc I don’t post enough about love & too much of the truth. Christ warned us that all this must happen before the end & that if these days weren’t shortened, no flesh would survive. God said…woe to those that desire the day of the LORD…for what end will it be for you? I get these emails but you don’t realize that you will be tried as silver is tried & tested as gold is…Means quit being proud & get humble. Repent & bear fruit worthy of repentance.

America has been the bread basket of the world & soon it will not be. A haughty spirit before the fall & pride before the destruction.

California is not the only place entering it’s 7th year of drought…this is world wide. Christ has shown me what will come of this…the rationing of food & water, & love lost bc ‘self-preservation’ is instinct, or so I’ve heard. But love is giving when you have little to give & laying down your life for the sake of your friends.

God has shown me the contempt that you have for me & that you want me singing a different tune…but He has also shown me that when it all comes crashing down you will wish for me to sing this tune & give it to you straight.

My ‘doomsday’ posts, believe it or no, are out of love. You can dismiss me or accept it but whatever your choice is, God has assured me that His word will be kept…not your children children’s generation, but ours…yours & mine. Repent & bear fruit worthy of your repentance. You’ll get your moment to shine. I pray that we all make good choices ahead of us…to help 1 another.

United we stand, divided we will fall.

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