Changing the channel won’t make it not happen

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

It’s in our face. When we go to the gym or down the street to a store, the signs are not hidden…they are there even if you pretend that you don’t see them.Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: screen and indoor

2 days ago when I was at this very gym, the news came on…”destructive winds & tempest snow storm in California…none quite like this, in the parched State suffering from its 7th year drought…a 3rd of the country is also suffering unusual cold temperature…

Not even 2 minutes into this news, a sales associate walked over with a remote & changed the channel to sports. I’m sure someone didn’t like what was on T.V. so the Devil had him change it. Changing the channel isn’t stopping it from happening & it’s only gotten worse & will continue to get worse.

Let those w/ears, hear.

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