God Speaks To Us In dreams

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

I document all of my dreams & yet a lot of them I haven’t posted. I’ve posted a lot in the past but lately I’ve only documented them for myself.

God speaks to us in dreams & to those of you that are privileged to hear God speak, I advise you to do the same, & document your dreams too bc we will need them in the time to come.

The Bible tells us that the last kingdom will be likened to the Roman one. I say this bc my dream was a lot like the days of the Roman rule, except it was modernized in my dream. The Romans oppressed the people & this time will be much like the last.

Again, I have so many dreams that I have refrained from posting, some I do not understand myself…as of yet, but much like all of my dreams in a short time I piece them together. I’ve asked God for counsel & that if He gave me counsel that I would relay as much to you in order to prepare you mentally for what’s coming. Truthfully, I have not wholly done my part but I had a passing thought, thinking to myself that I would be remiss if I didn’t share…

2 nights ago I dreamt of circuses…by circuses I mean gladiatorial arenas. Our oppressors sported us & had us do shameful acts for their entertainment. Much like the show Fear Factor would have people do demeaning things for money.

In my dream I fought in their fighting arenas but I did it to spare you from having to. The heathen were shameless. I heard they fought for more minutes & data on their phones. Others fought for food while others fought for more amenities.

Repent, hope & pray that you are accounted worthy to escape these trials that are soon to come upon us. Judging from my most recent dreams…the hour is fast approaching. You can dismiss what I say while rolling your eyes & telling yourself that they are just dreams & that they mean nothing, or you can take what I say to heart & repent wholeheartedly while performing acts worthy of your repentance w/unwavering faith & love.

In today’s age it’s called paying it forward…those w/ears let them hear. Those w/out ears, I’m clean of your blood.

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