An asteroid is about to slip between Earth & the moon – the 2nd near miss in 3 weeks

Commentary By: Albert Mascheroni

The name of the star is called wormwood… – Revelation 8:11

But how do they know? They don’t have satellites bc such a thing does not exist…They know bc evil is waiting to wage war against the body of Christ & surprisingly, the enemy knows more about the Bible than most people do.

So they anticipate this “asteroid, meteor, comet” translated in the Bible as “star” to imminently strike the earth as prophesied…as they indoctrinate you to believe their lies w/movies so you think to yourself “Armageddon movie” in order that you rest your faith in the beast’s system for rescue, while your heart departs from God who coincidentally is in control of these plagues. Armageddon movie…even the name should cause you to think. For goodness sake it’s the Biblical war to come.

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Commentary In Response to Article By: Dave Mosher

Less than 3 weeks ago, while America was getting the kids to school & arriving at work, an asteroid the size of a building slipped past Earth from a distance about halfway to the moon. Now a similar space rock is about to zoom by our helpless planet.

The new near-Earth object (NEO), dubbed asteroid 2017 BX, was only discovered a few days ago, on Friday, January 20. It’s slated to swing by Tuesday night at 11:54 p.m. ET at a distance of about 162,000 miles (261,000 kilometers) — roughly 2/3rds the way to the moon.

We 1st heard about it via an email from Slooh, a company that airs live views of space & they’re hosting a broadcast about 2017 BX — which they’ve nicknamed “Rerun” — starting at 5:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Asteroid 2017 BX, according to Slooh & data from NASA JPL, is similar to asteroid 2017 AG13, which flew by Earth on Monday, January 9. But this new asteroid is much smaller, at roughly 13 to 46 feet (4 to 14 meters) across — between the size of a car & a bus — & is moving at 1/2 the speed, approximately 16,600 miles (26,700 kilometers) per hour. This is too small & too slow-moving of a rogue space rock to pose any real harm to Earth.asteroid 2017 bx jan 24 sloohIf its path had targeted our planet, & if it had been a loose pile of rocks (as most asteroids are) & not a metallic asteroid, it would break apart & burn up 1000s of feet in the air, according to an asteroid-impact simulator called “Impact Earth!” by Purdue University.

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