Las Vegas Shooting & the Coming End

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

Las Vegas shooting: Isis claims responsibility for deadliest gun massacre in modern US history.

* Patriotism – Love & devotion to 1’s country & the willingness to sacrifice for it.Image may contain: bird and text

* Worship – Love & devotion to a diety & the willingless to sacrifice to the diety.

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and concert

**CIA Contractor: “ISIS Fabricated Enemy” Funded by U.S. & it’s Allies Or whatever other “fundamentalist” terrorist group they want to pin it on. The idea is to unite the people like after 9/11 where you put your trust in their system & in only their new governmental system.

He Shall Cause the Sacrifice to Cease – Daniel 9:27

The Devil despises any praise offered toward God. Men who sacrifice to God demonstrate their valuation of Him. For this reason, the Devil longs to eliminate godly sacrifices. Daniel 9:27 references a future time known as Daniel’s 70th week when the Devil will cause the reinstituted Jewish animal sacrifices to cease.

In the present age, God has clearly shown that He has no desire for man to sacrifice animals. Instead, believers offer spiritual sacrifices to God thus demonstrating their praise & declaring their love for God.

Just as the Devil will 1 day seek to end the physical sacrifices given to the Lord by the Jewish people, he presently works hard to keep New Testament believers from offering the spiritual sacrifices of praise to God.

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