Heavy rainfall triggers floods in Honduras

“Heavy rainfall triggers floods in Honduras” – Nov. 13th

Article By: El Nuevo Diario

Two policemen, a woman and an 8-month-old boy were drowned today in Honduras when the police patrol was carried along by the flood of a river.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning in the department of Yoro. The vehicle was dragged when its driver, one of the dead policemen, tried to cross the Locomapa River despite the fact that it had grown due to the constant rains in the region, said Pedro Barahona, commander of the Honduran Fire Department in that area.

Barahona said that so far the bodies of the three adults have been located, and that the firefighters are waiting for the water level to drop to continue with the search for the 8-month-old baby. The deceased have not been identified so far, added the Lieutenant of the Fire Department.

Honduras has been affected in the last week by rains due to a natural phenomenon in the Caribbean, which have also caused flooding and several sheltered families.

Tela, La Ceiba and Tocoa are the Honduran cities most affected by the rains, as they have caused the overflow of rivers and streams and floods, according to relief authorities.

View full article at: http://www.elnuevodiario.com.ni/internacionales/centroamerica/446412-mueren-3-adultos-bebe-honduras-que-rio-arrastrara-/

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