Iranian oil tanker explodes & sinks off coast of China w/no survivors

Article By: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A burning Iranian oil tanker exploded & sank Sunday after more than a week listing off the coast of China, as an Iranian official acknowledged there was “no hope” of missing sailors surviving the disaster.<p>Smokes and frames from the burning Iranian oil tanker Sanchi in the East China Sea off the eastern coast of China, Jan. 14, 2018. The fire from the sunken Iranian tanker ship in the East China Sea has burned out, a Chinese transport ministry spokesman said Monday, although concerns remain about possible major pollution to the sea bed and surrounding waters. (Ministry of Transport via AP) </p>

The collision & disaster of the Sanchi, which carried 30 Iranians & 2 Bangladeshis, had transfixed an Iran still reeling from days of protests & unrest that swept the country at the start of the year.<p>Iranian oil tanker Sanchi is seen engulfed in fire in the East China Sea, in this Jan. 13, 2018 picture provided by Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Centre and released by China Daily. (Photo: China Daily via Reuters) </p>

<p>This handout picture from the Transport Ministry of China shows smoke and flames coming from the burning oil tanker Sanchi before it sank (Photo: AFP) </p>

Families of the sailors wept & screamed at the headquarters of the National Iranian Tanker Co. in Tehran, the private company that owns the Sanchi. Some needed to be taken by ambulance to nearby hospitals as they were so overwhelmed by the news.<p>An unidentified relative of one of the crewmen who were onboard ‘Sanchi’ oil tanker that sunk off the coast of China complains to an official of the government inside the Iranian company in Tehran, Iran, Jan. 14, 2018. (Photo: EFE/EPA/Abedin Taherkenareh) </p>

“32 people died w/out a funeral & w/out coffins! They burned to ashes while their families were wailing here!” cried out 1 woman who didn’t give her name. The government “has come after 10 days to sympathize w/them? What sympathy are you talking about?”

State TV earlier quoted Mahmoud Rastad, the chief of Iran’s maritime agency, as saying:

“There is no hope of finding survivors among the (missing) 29 members of the crew.”

President Hassan Rouhani expressed his condolences & called on relevant government agencies to investigate the tragedy & take any necessary legal measures, according to state TV. The government also announced Monday as a nationwide day of public mourning over the disaster. (AP)

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