“Give people a simple reason & the simple people forget to reason.”

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

“Give people a simple reason & the simple people forget to reason.” – Me

A reason for the fires by anonymous:
The reason for all these fires is a direct result of Incredible levels of over-regulation of the lumber industry. Instead of going in & thinning out the forests & cleaning up the debris on a regular basis due to the regulations putting such a financial burden on logging companies, they have all but gone out of business. Forests unmanaged create fuel for this sort of incredible Fiers & they burn so hot w/unlimited fuel at their disposal. That is the cause of these incredible fires, was so-called climate change.

My response:
Someone gave u the ball n u ran w/it. Or you think you have the right ball & started running w/it. Over regulation of lumber industry debris in forests unlimited fuel is the cause? Maybe…I mean it sounds good & reasonable…u formed it well enough… & if I wasn’t paying attention & following the patterns of “happenstance” disasters, then I’d buy it too.

But Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Indonesia, even ice cold Russia are on fire. Bunch of US States too. I’ve heard people in other countries describe the fires as flame thrower, uncontrollable, nothing like they’ve ever seen, terrible fires, of biblical proportion, apocalyptic (remember the Hollywood hills fire? Pretty wild)… w/much loss of property & even worse, loss of life & the death toll is climbing.

Lumber, debris, forest, sure is fuel source, & the industry regulation could be a factor, but there are other variables involved that go back just these last 4 years…drought came 1st if u remember …then some heavy rains (overflowed a bunch, mixing fresh water w/sewer drainage), then came historic California mudslides, locals say the worst in all their lives, back to drought & high heat, some large lakes disappeared in California over night leaving behind 1000’s of dead fish, untimely winter season & snow-pack being out of season not enough or too much…unusual precipitation, top soil is cracked (California farmers losing farms & livestock still)…conditions are about ready for the biggest & worst fires most have never heard about.

So current conditions + add another record heatwave, that only exacerbates the problem.

Some fires ignited w/little to ignite w/in plains & burned fields of dry grass, hills w/very few trees & little debris till they reached a larger fuel source…Fields of dry grass due to lack of water that is of limited supply these days, not just in US, but everywhere else; most other countries… emphasis on no water everywhere else; & not enough of it to extinguish the fires…so most are letting the fires take their course, trying to at least contain them by digging trenches, over using water for fear of the dwindling water supply…being that they use mostly from the drinkable water supply, since the salt from the ocean water would ruin the agriculture for years.

You’ll hear them say fire is out of control…& perhaps an update stating percentage of said fire contained, but mostly out of control.

You made sense of the current fires, for reason of the over-regulation of lumber industry (natural thing to do…make sense of things) bc u heard someone say it (aka gave u the ball) or you have some expertise in the field…maybe both, making sense of it easily. But better make sure you even got the ball & not just running…

Fires aren’t the only issue. Before the fires we had nonstop water main breaks…heard people explain them away w/old pipes. K, but they’re everywhere? K, old pipes everywhere. Then water contamination…U heard of Flint I’m sure (still contaminated)…what about the Colorado river chemical spill? EPA says wups it was an accident. Forget the fact that Arizona, Nevada & California depend on it, but just an accident they said. Okay, but flint Michigan & Colorado river are just 2, still not a pattern yet. LA decides to put shade balls in water reservoir to keep water from evaporating in the hot sun…wups, the shade balls leached chemical & contaminated the entire water supply.

Okay…so I am to believe that these geniuses w/the shade ball idea had no idea that that would happen? I now count 3! And I am no longer satisfied w/wups or accident explanation, just as I’m not satisfied w/over regulated lumber industry explanation & neither should u, now that I’ve given you a bigger picture. You risk lives. How do you risk lives?

Simple explanations backed by expertise & some fine words cause an otherwise cautious person to not be cautious. Give people a simple reason & the simple people forget to reason. Then it happens… Something like water rations…not that they didn’t see it coming bc the signs were all there…but the focus was on the lumber industry.

There is way more at play here then just the fires…but just the fires are good enough reason to take precaution.

I was talking to someone & I told him that some bodies of water are turning blood red. He said ‘yeah I heard, but that’s bc of the paint factory spill (a ball & he’s running w/it).’ I said ‘huh? They must’ve favored the color red…did they go by the Red Paint Factory?’

But I digress…how about China? Mexico? Heck Siberia had red blood color rain. Red Paint factory in the sky? Canada? Indonesia? Sri Lanka?

Yes…verify what I say, even off the top of my head I’m accurate so you can validate for yourself.

I would’ve believed the “algae bloom” story…until I heard a Mexican farmer (having no formal education but only life lessons) silence the science, saying it doesn’t make sense. Bc if I put a drop of food coloring into a cup of water, the drop is not enough to turn the whole volume of water red. How many drops you think to turn the whole cup of water red? Science guy had no answer & you certainly can’t keep using the paint factory spill either.

Same guy talks fires & despite ALL the fires being way more than 1, he says ‘yeah but it was man made.’ He must’ve heard “man made.” Then I guess there is no reason to alarm yourself? I can name 15 fires currently burning off the top of my head & this fella is talking the most recent & that it was man made…see where I’m going? Snooze button for him I guess.

Obama is the 1st president to use “antiquity act” to claim mountainous regions all over the US…I remember this pissed off Texas as well as others…Obama claimed them “National Monuments.” He claimed a lot of land that was once open to the public, but now closed off to the public…how come I have not heard of a single fire in 1 of them?

Katy Perry VMA awards comes out of a spaceship with a newspaper that read…”the world is on fire”Image may contain: 2 people…fast forward to California wildfires…then more news about new fires, in more places everywhere. The world is on fire said the newspaper. But I dismissed it. Chalked it up to weird…until…she tweeted “countdown to catastrophe” saying that it was for her new album witness. Fast forward catastrophe in Texas called Harvey, then followed Irma, then Maria & Jose & a movie Geostorm gets released.

But I’m not running, unless I can verify that I got the ball…witness album? As in witness of things to come? But not as a prophetess of God, rather a person in the loop. I am certain that she has not been given the full disclosure…but as their pet snake, happily she will taunt us. Based on my objective observation, I am inclined to believe she’s loving it, like McDonald. And if she wasn’t loving it, then how about fear?…blood in, blood out or sacrifice.

Whitney Huston, Houston’s daughter, Prince, China, Joan Rivers, Micheal Clarke Duncan, Bernie Mac, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, Stallone’s son, Travolta’s son, Morgan Freeman’s niece, Kanye West’s mother, Michael Jackson, Jackson’s daughter tweeted about dad’s death but she dodged the bullet & is back in their loop where she can sport the devil horns alongside new artist friends, just as they did at the 2015 Grammy Awards AC/DC Highway to Hell Performance. Martin Lawrence caught running on street for his life yelling “They’re trying to kill me.”

Who are they?

I investigated Katy Perry & found that Katy’s new music is “witness” to more taunts, singing about living in a bubble & people are unable to see the trouble, trouble. No…Katy Perry is not responsible for any of it, being that she is just another one of the king’s jesters playing her part.

Something sinister is in play but I agree w/this much…it’s not climate change! What happened to Global Warming btw? That’s right…sub-zero temps & cold snaps aren’t exactly conducive to warming. The most recent winters were pretty cold…record breaking I’ve heard, enough to freeze an animal mid stride (I’ve seen the evidence & followed the news). But they say, lets chalk it up to “climate change” (giving people the simple reason) & people hit snooze all over again.

But Al Gore & what about Leonardo DiCaprio at the UN: He said ‘Climate change is not hysteria – it’s a fact’ ? Run w/that then bc I’m exhausted.Image may contain: 1 person

And the fires are a part of the whole picture. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems!

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