Water turns to Red…

Post By: Albert Mascheroni

I touched on this in last night’s post & this memory popped up on my timeline today.

Excerpt from last night’s post –

“I was talking to someone & I told him that some bodies of water are turning blood red. He said ‘yeah I heard, but that’s bc of the paint factory spill’ (a ball & he’s running w/it). I said ‘huh? They must’ve favored the color red…did they go by The Red Paint Factory?’ But I digress…how bout China? Mexico? Heck Siberia had red blood color rain. Red Paint factory in the sky? Canada? Indonesia? Sri Lanka?

Yes…verify what I say, even off the top of my head I’m accurate so you can validate for yourself.

I would’ve believed the “algae bloom” story…until I heard a Mexican farmer (having no formal education but only life lessons) silence the science, saying…’but it doesn’t make sense. Bc if I put a drop of food coloring into a cup of water, the drop is not enough to turn the whole volume of water red. How many drops you think to turn the whole cup of water red?’ Science guy had no answer…& you certainly can’t keep using the paint factory spill either.

View full post at: https://www.facebook.com/al.masch.50/posts/999980796848267

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